Korean House Mega Silk Way is a completely new project of “Korean House Restaurants” network in all senses. The restaurant embodied the most original design ideas in the New Seoul style. Here you can see a huge amount of greenery, natural stones in combination with wood. You will be amazed by a real, equipped greenhouse with fresh spices, rosacola sprouts, lettuce leaves, etc., at the request of the guest, we can collect and fill the salad straight from the garden. The menu combines new hits from the Brand-Chef and long-loved dishes of the existing Korean House restaurants. Korean House Mega Silk Way is located in the center of one of the most anticipated events in Kazakhstan – International EXPO – 2017. Discover the tastes of modern Seoul in the traditions of “Korean HouseRestaurants”



Shopping center "Mega Silk Way", Restaurant gallery, 1 floor

Etc. Kabanbai batyr, 62

+7 702 928 89 73

Working hours: Restaurant: 12:00 to 00:00