The new restaurant of the Korean House Restaurant chains has opened the doors on the 4th floor of the only thing luxury shopping center in Central Asia, Esentai Mall

We are sincerely pleasure to every guest, and, frankly speaking, this is the main basis on which the culture of east hospitality is constructed. Having visited any of our Houses, you’ll want to come back again and again.



Every member of our team is a time-proved advanced practice professional. On entering the restaurant you’ll be met by the welcoming hostess speaking Russian and English languages who recommends you a table and lead you to it personally, every waiter is perfectly guided in line items of the menu and can help you to make a choice if it’s necessary. Every day, our cooks work on that each guest finds the favorite dish of the Korean, Japanese or Pan-Asiatic cuisine.

We appreciate each member of the team and we promote his professional growth and wellbeing as much as possible because the success of the restaurant directly depends on it. Each guest will be able to spend time perfectly regardless of age and an income level in our restaurant


Al-Farabi Avenue 77/8

+7 (727) 318 76 03

Working hours: Restaurant 12:00 – 00:00

+7(727) 293 96 92; +7(707) 932 35 03

Дорогие жители Южной столицы, Korean House на улице Гоголя,2 теперь осуществляет доставку!

Доставка в квадрате: Кабанбай батыра – Абылай хана – Макатаева – Бузурбаева. Стоимость доставки – 1000 тенге

Доставка в квадрате: Аль-Фараби – Сейфуллина – пр. Райымбека – Есенберлина. Стоимость доставки – от 1500 тенге

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